On the first day of Spring 2010 I will be creating a composition the size of a postcard, 13 x 18 cm (5” x 7”) every day for 366 days. My works will inclue all types of techniques, depends on my mood and inspiration, I will draw, paint, use collage, photographs, digital compositions and other materials.
This work requires discipline and that is why it will be a challenge for me ! I see it as «freedomspace» of my day and it will engage me to face the creative process every day of the year. I am very happy to live this adventure... already for six months !
Every month, I choose two compositions. The first one will be developped for a larger composition.
The second is printed as a limited art-postcard edition, only for the subscribers. The art-postcards are sent in an envelope, by mail, to each subscriber of the project «From Spring to Spring!» 
Only subscribers will have the opportunity to own these art-print postcards. There are two choices to join this adventure.
You can subscribe to 12 art-print postcards and follow  the evolution of the creative process month by month. Or you can subscribe to receive 6 art-print postcards every other month.
In 2011, after the process is completed an exhibition will be mounted to include the 365 original postcards and the 12 large compositions. 
For more informations, please read in FAQ page.
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